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Web Traffic and Content Downloads with LinkedIn

Web Traffic and Content Downloads with LinkedIn

A healthcare technology company wanted to expand its audience and reach new decision-makers in the pharmaceutical industry with their patient access solution. To do so, we recommend a paid social strategy using LinkedIn prospecting and remarketing campaigns to reach their target audience and drive web traffic and content downloads.

Launching a LinkedIn Prospecting Campaign

We launched a prospecting campaign on LinkedIn to drive users to our client’s blog content. Our target audience was employees in the United States who work in the pharmaceutical industry who have job titles like Procurement Specialist, Marketing Director, Director of Pricing, or Sourcing Manager. The goal of the campaign was to drive traffic to site. Every four to five weeks, we switched out the blog post we promoted to keep content fresh and to prevent creative fatigue.

The Results

We had close to 30 downloads of the white paper from this campaign at a strong CPD.



June 8, 2019