Application Cybersecurity Assessment

Secure Your Web and Mobile Application

In Application Security Audit, we provide security assessment for your website, web services and Mobile application where we analyze your application for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or vulnerabilities, evaluate the security of your application by simulating various application attacks and provide audit report which includes key findings, related issues and suggest a recommendation checklist to maximize security of your application.

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An application security assessment looks at your application and reports on weaknesses found. Contrary to penetration tests, here the ultimate goal is not to penetrate the application, but to report on vulnerabilities found.

We provide integration services through API for web services. We provide full support and implementation and take care of proper performance and security of the connections between services.

Mobile App Security Testing service provides a detailed security analysis of your phone or tablet based app. A key feature of this service is manual testing by experienced security professionals, which typically uncovers many more issues than automated tests alone.

Application Cybersecurity Assessment

Secure Your Web and Mobile Application

Our security experts thoroughly research the mobile app to locate the most important security issues. We do a comprehensive assessment of your architecture, review your coding and conduct penetration testing.

You will receive:

Security evaluation of the architectonic design
Manual source code review
Review of cryptography
Mobile application client and mobile application server penetration testing based on OWASP Mobile methods
Security of data transmissions and network communications.
Continuing data analysis of local storage and caching (usernames, passwords, PII, and other personal data).
Incomplete authorization from mobile client to backend systems.
Tests to prevent session hijacking.
And much more.
Mobile app secure data storage assessments
Mobile app operating system hardening
Detailed report containing all findings and best practices for repair
Assessment of regulation compliance within your industry (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, etc,.)
Consultancy on methods to repair any found vulnerabilities
Official certificate verifying the security level of the application


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Security and IP Protection

How the Security Audit works

We provide complete cyber-security audit includes white box penetration testing, and it gives you much greater value for your money when compared to common black box penetration testing.


Send us your detailed project idea and any documentation if present. We can send you a Project Requirement document for you to fill in


An experienced security architect will review your application, all its components and infrastructure. He will also review development and operation processes, because a majority of cyber-security and data privacy breaches originates through human error.


The next step is dedicated to manual source code review. We will study every line of your application source code and look for a variety of security issues and other glitches.


What follows is a penetration test - and this one is a special one - since we know your app very well by now, we can test it with the extreme precision.


You will be provided with a comprehensive security audit report containing all findings and best practices for repair


We provide the flexibility of choosing the best-suited engagement model to all our clients.

How we can work together

Fixed Price

You know exactly what you want to build – we understand the project and give you an initial estimate. This might be adjusted a bit after the first milestone – discovery. From there we guarantee development at a fixed price.

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Dedicated Teams

We perfectly match a dedicated agile team with your tech & product requirements. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract. Our team will work using your development process with your internal team.

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