Search Engine Optimization

Organic Traffic

Keyword research is the single most important step to make sure that your search engine optimization campaign brings you a return on your investment- and it happens before a single piece of content is written, a single piece of code is externalized, or a single back link is obtained.

Before you can embark on a successful SEO campaign, you need to know how people are finding your site, whether or not they are buying, which pages keep them there and which pages cause them to leave, along with other basic behavior patterns.

What We Provide

The keywords that “feel right” to you may not be the best ones for your campaign, and competing for qualified traffic on the Internet is a different
proposition than marketing in the “real world”.

  • Local SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Strategy
  • Google My business
  • Powerful Blog Posts
  • Infographics & Interactive Content


Before beginning a search engine optimization (SEO) project, it is important to understand the process involved in an effective SEO campaign. EasySeo caters to clients who require an intensive, full-service approach to search engine marketing.

Keyword Analysis
Keyword density tells you how often a search term appears in a text in relation to the total number of words it contains
Onsite and Off site Optimisation
Onpage optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position
Link Building
In the field of SEO, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage
Our SEO review consists of several factors like a content, linking structure, social media efforts, and its trust on the internet

Our Pricing

Moneyback Guarantee

All of our campaigns come with an ROI Guarantee that within 6 to 12  months, our program will pay for itself and if we are unable to produce a positive ROI, our team will continue to work at no costs to achieve your business a return on your investment

SEO Macro
$ 350 /Month
Unlimited Keywords, No Contracts, Top Results!
 Website Analysis
 On page SEO
 Off Page SEO
  Conversion Rate Optimisation
 800-word post for your Blog plus social distribution
 Monitor Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
 Monthly Reporting
SEO Advanced
$ 500 /month
Unlimited Keywords, No Contracts, Top Results!
 Includes features from SEO MACRO plus
 2 Monthly Blog Post - 800 words
 Social Posts and Shares
 1 landing Page - SEO Optimised
SEO Premium
$1000 /month
Unlimited Keywords, No Contracts, Top Results!
 SEO Package 2 plus
 3 monthly blog post - 800 words
 Ongoing Keyword Analysis
 Landing Pages
 Social share and strategy

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