APFIP Evaluation Database

APFIP is an independent evaluator of varieties and is not a variety manager in Australia. This ensures there is no conflict of interest when performing the evaluation role.

APFIP offers very good value to both growers and variety managers in having independent variety performance data. APFIP allows its name to be attached to the variety performance reports. This gives both the growers and variety owners/agents very valuable information about the performance of the variety in specific growing regions

Project Details

  • SQL based database application
  • Responsive layout
  • Built with Microsoft program .NET

The Challenge

With so many vendors operating in different geographical areas, and with customer service being incredibly difficult to track, and manage apple varieties for apple growers. Reporting the data collected was a challenge with requirement to make it more visually appealing.


Our software engineers first created a link to all the sites using a Windows Data Synchronization Service. Using C# and Visual Studio 2010, engineers re-wrote the scale service application from scratch on a .NET 4 platform with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Server 2005 back ends. The new application was written with new features to enable more automation and a single screen user interface with auto-populating fields to further enhance productivity. The application is mobile responsive so users can access the application anytime anywhere.